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The iconic British brand headquartered in London, England, is synonymous with heritage design, quality, and innovation. Its fame as a producer of luxury items adorned with the iconic trademark check pattern and its ability to reinvent the look each season has allowed the brand a prestigious and sought-after place in fashion year after year.Burberry was founded by Thomas Burberry in the UK in 1856 and started as a producer of rainproof trench coats, an item of clothing made from gabardine. This breathable, hardwearing material remains a fashion staple, even today. The Burberry check - a reworking of a traditional Scottish tartan - was introduced as a lining for the coats in the 1920s and remains a symbol of good taste and quality design.

About Burberry Eyewear

History and heritage, and appeal in a creative contemporary style: across its accessory lines, Burberry delivers style and substance, focusing on quality, timeless design, and high-class materials. Based on the classic house codes and traditional craftsmanship, characteristics such as vintage aesthetics fuse with a refined use of details to create signature frames with a subtle British style.

What To Look For

The Burberry logo. The icon stripe. The Thomas Burberry Monogram. The famous Burberry check: the frames in the collection highlight these highly regarded iconic elements that represent the Burberry brand. The range typically includes oversized acetate sunglasses for women and sophisticated rectangular frames for men, with glossy finishes, timeless colors, and a reference to a Burberry ‘classic check’. In the optical collection, the brand’s essence is expressed by blending classic shapes and materials in colors ranging from traditional black and Havana to graduated shades to trendy grays or navy hues. The distinctive check pattern often appears on the eyewear temples translated in creative ways to give flair and unique quality to each unique design.

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