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Press Release : SPRING/SUMMER SUNGLASS TRENDS ARE ABOUT YOUR INNER SELF When the Sun Shines, Let Your Fantasies Roam

DALLAS, Texas — March 17, 2006 — This season's sunglass fashions inspire fantasies, according to Peter Granoff, owner of the trendy Goo Goo Eyes fashion eyewear emporium on Lovers Lane. "From those looking to release their inner jet pilot to retro 1970's fans, the variety is astounding."

The big, big trend is the return to aviator sunglasses, with their tongue-in-cheek allusions to FBI agents, Secret Service ops and '70's TV characters Starsky & Hutch. Aviators will dominate, but look for strong competition from sleek-looking shields (think Bono), oversize plastics with thick, embellished temples. Another revival, amber-tinted lenses in gold metal frames. "We're spanning a half-century of styles and they're all appearing simultaneously." Granoff asserts.

The Main Trends

Aviators Oversized Plastic Wraps Shields
Aviators Examples Oversized Plastic Examples Wraps Examples Shields Examples
Metal-rimmed aviators have enjoyed waves of popularity since fighter pilots favored them during World War II. Retro 1970's with thick temples are available in a wide range of embellishments such as mother-of-pearl, Swarovski crystals accents, vintage-style rivets and distinctive logo treatments. A single sweep of plastic around the face with a futuristic look — it's back, and with a vengeance. Even more forward-looking than wraps, partially rimmed or rimless, they come in tints that span the rainbow.

Color Trends

Gold is back after a long retreat. And while classic frames in black and tortoise-shell will remain popular, look for plenty of strong color too. Red and iPod white lead the way.

Spotlight on Designers

While few can plunk down one or two grand for a designer outfit, a splurge of $200-$300 lets you top off your look with a pair of designer sunglasses. They'll bring everything you're wearing up to their level. European houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Prada, are putting out distinctive looks you can adopt to project a new persona.

Dolce & Gabana

Dolce & Gabana
Their spring/summer collection takes us straight back to the 1960s and 1970s with a mix of glamour and cutting-edge design. The frames feature soft lines with an emphasis on assertive, oversized rectangular and aviator shapes.


From oversized plastics to aviators, Prada offers them in many guises. From the extremely oversized to the squared-off to the sleek, including the addition of a new flower logo adornment on the temples. This is the first of several creative new motifs that will join the collection through spring and summer.


Remember "Top Gun" and Ray-Ban aviators? Today, the same aviator remains the top selling style in the Ray-Ban line. The world's best-known sunwear brand is Italian made and offers exceptionally high quality lenses and frames. This extensive collection covers a full range of designs including oversized plastics, wraps, shields, and action sports models. Ray-Ban also offers a kid-friendly Ray-Ban Junior line at $49-$69.


This classic designer line features many men's styles. Persol continues to attract the Hollywood set and other international personalities, as it has for decades. The brand's allure and uniqueness draw a sophisticated crowd, while the Italian design and select materials appeal to everyone who understands quality.

Maui Jim 'Titanium Elite' Collection

Maui Jim "Titanium Elite" Collection
Maui Jim introduces their new Titanium Elite™ performance-oriented collection, with frames made of titanium, vanadium and aluminum. This semi-rimless collection unites ultra-lightweight performance new Maui Evolution™ lens technology. The lens material is a fusion of the best properties of their SuperThin glass and Polycarbonate lenses, offering superior optics, scratch resistance and impact resistance in a lightweight package. All Maui Jim™ lenses feature a patented multi-layer design that maximizes transmission of the colors- so you see color without distortion.


Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement; they offer protection from harmful UV rays that can cause damage to the eyes including cataracts and macular degeneration. The darkness of a lens doesn't always tell the complete story about a sunglass' ability to block UV rays. Purchase sunglasses through reputable channels, not a card table on a street corner where adequate levels of UV protection cannot be assured.

Fit and comfort of sunglasses are crucial according to Granoff. "At Goo Goo Eyes we fine-tune the fit to the individual. The best sunglass cannot protect if it's in your purse, or falling off your face."

Lens Options

Polarized Lenses
Offer the best glare protection, and are especially beneficial for sports activities where distracting glare can compromise performance and safety.

These lenses are sun-sensitive and transition from light to dark according to light conditions.

Goo Goo Eyes encourages its customers to step outside the store and compare different lens options in real outdoor light conditions.


About Goo Goo Eyes

Goo Goo Eyes is Dallas’ go-to source for sublimely chic sunglasses and luxury prescription eyewear. Founded in 2005 in Dallas’ University Park neighborhood, the luxury eyewear retailer’s merchandise constantly evolves with modern fashion trends. Goo Goo Eyes is dedicated to offering its customers a quality product and uncompromised customer service.


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