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Goo Goo Eyes in Dallas, TX is thrilled to offer the unique line of Lowercase eyewear.

Lowercase NYC is a unique small label producing its frames by hand in New York City. Founded in 2016, the company has focused on producing frames that offer true quality and timeless design, having created their own workshop and small batch production line at the historic Army Terminal in Brooklyn. Founder Gerard Masci is passionate about eyewear and has spent years studying traditional spectacle-making techniques as well as being a glasses wearer with a particular love for acetate. Today, every pair of Lowercase frames is made in the Brooklyn workshop from start to finish, combining modern technology with traditional highly-skilled methods. The company’s small size has allowed Lowercase to remain flexible, creative, and sustainable, only producing what is needed and using its technology to keep waste to a minimum.

About the Lowercase Eyewear Collection

The design of each Lowercase frame embodies its own particular story. Inspired by music, location, history, and events of New York City, the details of the frames are purposeful and play to each theme. From bold lines to underlying detail, the designs are one-of-a-kind and allow artistic expression for each individual.

Using exquisite materials from Italy and Japan crafted by a small team of artisans from New York - people who take pride in their craft, every pair of glasses undergoes a 30-step process that takes around two weeks from start to finish.

What To Look For

Lowercase frames have a refined, timeless look – inspired by rare and iconic acetate designs of the past with an evident appreciation for excellent quality. Their shapes are wearable and flattering, with plenty of classics such as cat’s eyes, pantos, and bold circular styles. Colors reference those vintage looks of the past while bringing a contemporary feel through attractive fresh crystal tones and interesting mottled or striated decorative patterns. Other unique features to look for include the elegant keyhole bridge in many of their models and eye-catching silver rivet hinges, inspired by the truly classic eyewear hardware typical of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

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