Blue Light Filtering

Blue light is the strongest wavelength of light within the spectrum of sunlight. It also comes from digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and computer screens.

The reason for concern about blue light these days is that our eyes do not have a natural defense against its damaging effects. Extended exposure to blue light can interfere with sleep and cause eye strain, blurred vision, tearing, and damage to the retina (inside part of the eye).

With more people using digital devices than ever before, it’s essential to take measures to protect your vision. A blue light filter can help safeguard your vision by blocking out 20-28% of blue light. This may help with any eye strain symptoms you are currently experiencing and, in the long run, lessen the overall blue light exposure to your eyes.

At Goo Goo Eyes Optical, we offer the Blue Zero lens from Shamir. Other blue blocking lens may have an ugly yellow/orange hue to them which most eyeglass wearers find unappealing. But, with Blue Zero, the lenses are almost colorless and very attractive.

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