Computer Lenses

Computer lenses are specifically designed to help you see your computer, tablet, or smartphone without eye strain or fatigue.

Specific computer lenses can also help with close-up vision like books, magazines, and other printed material. In this case, approximately 60% of the magnifying power is at the top of the lens, where the focus is 20-28 inches away, perfect for your computer screen. The lower portion of the lens has 100% magnification for up-close vision and handheld electronic devices like your e-reader or smartphone.

Computer lenses also have options to make your work on the computer much less straining. Premium computer lenses have an anti-reflective coating, which reduces glare and fights eye fatigue. Also, there is a blue light option that reduces blue light exposure that could otherwise be harmful to your eyes in the long run.

With more and more people spending an increased amount of time on their favorite digital device, computer lenses are a “must-have” to help you stay healthy and more productive.

We have brands like Varilux Prevencia and Shamir Computer lenses that offer the very best in computer glasses so your digital device is free of distortion and glare, and always comfortable to look at throughout your work day.

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