Square Shapes

Square Shapes example

Bold retro shapes are back. In many exciting forms! From tortoiseshell and retro with a ’70s slant to minimal in metal, the wonderful drama of the square eye shape enhances individuality and style, with a confident statement and intriguing allure.

Key looks for women include the 1970s infused oversized square styles with narrow metal structures and a gold or silver finish. This is a perfect choice for those who wish to stay in tune with current eyewear trends which push the retro-vintage mood to new heights while it’s also prevalent in fashion. Often recommended for oval faces, these square and oversized designs lend a distinctive and trendy look that’s as good with jeans as it is with workwear.

Men can wear the square lens too. The chunkier square-ish styles, popular in sunwear, inspire many varieties of spectacles, with proportions that have a more tailored fit on the face, or if you prefer, thick-rimmed, bold constructions with a classically nerdy “geek chic” air. Metal designs with the classic square shape are also back in vogue, with the medium-sized square styles offering class with a luxury edge; a streamlined design focus that is instantly modern.

Square shapes retain their classical finesse in traditional tones of black, caramel and tortoise. They could also be a charismatic finishing fashion touch in bright blocked tones – try pink, bright green or gleaming white.

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