At Goo Goo Eyes, living in the past never looked so good. This year’s trends combined vintage inspiration with modern elements.

Latest Eyewear Trends

Cat-Eyes For Women example

Cat-Eyes For Women

Chic, glam, sexy, strong-willed or cool…whichever way you play it this gorgeous shape will always flatter and empower…

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Square Shapes example

Square Shapes

Statement squares with slightly oversized proportions – this retro trend is strong and bold and as versatile as you want it to be…pull it off with a confident stride, head held high…

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Translucent Colors example

Translucent Colors

Move with the times! Dip into a beautiful, soft contemporary color palette for an instant update. The translucent tones are easy-to-wear and flattering for all skin tones…

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Round and Round example

Round and Round

Intellectual overtones or a 1960s artsy vibe? Shape up with a round-rimmed vintage-inspired design, simple, sophisticated and loaded with character and style…

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Contemporary + Creative example

Contemporary + Creative

Avant-garde, adventurous, or beyond your wildest dreams? New favorites in our contemporary collections celebrate freedom, fun and individual style…

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Lens Tech

Transitions Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses are special lenses that darken when exposed to outdoor sunlight and remain clear when you're indoors. They are considered a jack-of-all-trades since they do the double duty of being used as both a regular pair of eyeglasses and a pair of sunglasses.

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Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses are lenses with a reflective optical coating applied on their outside surface. The coating acts as a one-way mirror so you can see out, but people looking at you can’t see through.

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Anti-Reflective Coatings (AR Coatings)

AR coatings are one of the most popular options to put on your favorite eyewear. They reduce reflections on the front and back of the lenses. This ability to reduce glare improves clarity, sharpens your vision in both day and night conditions, and makes your eyeglasses look nicer.

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Anti-Fog Coatings

Anti-fog coatings used to be a minor consideration, especially compared to other layers you can put on your favorite eyeglasses. But, due to the pandemic and the requirement of wearing masks wherever you go, anti-fog is very much in demand for everyday eyeglasses or sunglasses.

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Blue Light Filtering

Blue light is the strongest wavelength of light within the spectrum of sunlight. It also comes from digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and computer screens.

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Polarized Lenses

Nothing is better than polarized lenses when you’re outdoors, especially for those people who are very sensitive to light.

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Freeform Lenses

Freeform lenses are commonly called high-definition lenses because they are made with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes specifically tailored to the wearer’s unique needs. In other words, they’re custom made with the help of computer software for design and special equipment to get all the specific details perfected.

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Computer Lenses

Computer lenses are specifically designed to help you see your computer, tablet, or smartphone without eye strain or fatigue. Specific computer lenses can also help with close-up vision like books, magazines, and other printed material.

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Shamir Insight, Inc.

This Israeli based corporation is known for high-quality premium progressive lenses, bifocal and single vision lenses, and its designs, developments, and manufacturing processes within the optical industry. Shamir Insight has many lens products to choose from and is widely regarded as a global leader in the industry.


Varilux is a brand name synonymous with premium progressive lenses. It is owned by the EssilorLuxottica company, a producer of high-quality frames and lenses. The Varilux brand offers many products and is a market leader in the optical industry.


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